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The Franciscan Columbarium is located directly beneath the Garden of World Peace at the Church of St Mary of the Angels. It was designed as a peaceful retreat, a place not only for the ashes of loved ones, but for prayer and quiet contemplation.

Nine interconnected rooms, each named after a Franciscan Saint, lead off a central corridor and are airy and bright with natural light from skylights that open to the garden above. The niches holding the ashes of the deceased and inscribed with their names, are set in a pattern resembling the altering bricks of a wall, a reminder that the Church is made of the living stones of its people.   

The Laverna Wake Room is adjacent to the columbarium and can accommodate up to 80 people. 

Columbarium Opening hours

Monday to Saturday  : 9am to 7pm

Sundays : 7am to 7pm 

If the Gates are closed, call :  65606361

Booking of Niches (By Appointment only)

Contact details

Address: 5 Bukit Batok East Ave 2, Singapore 659918

Telephone: 6560 6361   Fax: 6566 2852 Email: 


Prices for niches
Level 7 – $2,500
Level 6 – $3,500
Level 5 – $6,500
Level 4 – $6,500
Level 3 – $5,000
Level 2 – $3,500
Level 1 – $2,500


    Prices for inscriptions
    1st name – $400
    2nd name – $300
    Two names together – $550

    Prices for urns
    Marble – $150
    Onyx – $250

    Use of wake room
    La Verna – $600 per day (7.30am to 10.30pm. No overnight stay allowed.)


      • All payments by cheque should be made payable to
        The Order of Friars Minor (S) Ltd – Columbarium.
      • The reservation or use of a niche is subject to our agreement to be entered into by the applicant.


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      Application Form


      Agreement (Summary)

      Columbarium Regulations

      Inscription of Plaque

      Gates of Life

      Use of La Verna Wake Room

      Columbarium Price List