Many people believe that the call to the Franciscan Vocation is a call to the priesthood. But this is not true. Franciscans are commited to the way of St Francis, who himself was never a priest. Although a number of friars have also been called to the priesthood, it is not necessarily the case that all who discern a call to the Franciscan life are called to become priests. The call to the Franciscan Vocation and the call to the priesthood are distinct paths. Some are priests, all are brothers.

All friars in simple vows are trained in the Franciscan spirituality. Friars who feel called to the priesthood attend classes at the seminary for a period of approximately six years, whereas friars who do not seek ordination as priests are engaged in various forms of ministry according to their gifts and talents, the needs of the people and the directives of the leaders of the Order.

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