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Spirituality Centre

San Damiano Spirituality Centre

The San Damiano Spirituality Centre was officially opened in 2017. Located in the Franciscan Complex in Singapore, the spirituality centre aims to:

  • provide a platform to share Franciscan spirituality with the friars and Secular Franciscans collaborating to promote Franciscan thought and the Franciscan way of living among the lay faithful. This includes organising formation talks, celebrations of Franciscan feasts and pilgrimages to Assisi and other Franciscan places.
  • offer individually guided retreats and preached retreats in a safe and restful environment to allow retreatants to experience God in their lives and deepen their spiritual growth in the way of Saints Francis and Clare of Assisi.
  • establish a network of Franciscan presence across Singapore by providing a haven where ideas to live the Gospel authentically in tandem with service to the poor can be initiated. Plans include initiating youth into Franciscan ideals and values, and beginning a Youth Franciscan (YouFra) movement.

It is also hoped that the centre will become a home for Franciscan-trained spiritual directors and counsellors to journey with men and women, young and old, towards discovering the joy of the Gospel in their lives.

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