In every work of the artist he praised the Artist … He rejoiced in all the works of the hands of the Lord …. In beautiful things he saw beauty itself; all things were to him good …. He embraced all things with a rapture of unheard of devotion, speaking to them of the Lord and admonishing them to praise him … He walked reverently upon stones, because of him who was called the Rock …. 

 …. He forbade the brothers to cut down the whole tree when they cut wood so that it might have hope of sprouting again. He commanded the gardener to leave the border around the garden undug so that in their proper times the greenness of the grass and the beauty of the flowers might announce the beauty of the Father of all things …. 

He removed from the road little worms, lest they be crushed under foot; and he ordered that honey and the best wines be set out for the bees, lest they perish from want in the cold of winter …. (2 Celano 165 – Biographer of St. Francis of Assisi)