Franciscan Formation is about living and about being life-giving. It is about growing into becoming more fully Human, Christian and Franciscan. It is about learning all about … Falling in Love.


Somewhere each day we have to fall in love, with someone, some thing, some moment, event, phrase.

Somehow, each day, we must allow a softening of the heart. Otherwise our hearts will move inevitably towards hardness. We will move towards cynicism, bitterness, fear and despair. That’s where most of the world is trapped, and doesn’t even know it.

The world’s been in love with death so long that it calls death life. It tries to conjure up life by making itself falsely excited, by creating parties where there’s no reason to celebrate.

We have to create and discover the parties of the heart, the place where we know we can enjoy, the place where we can give of ourselves.

If you’re not involved with giving your thoughts, your emotions, ‘for-giving’, you will be involved only in taking.

Yet the only way to experience joy is to give yourself to reality. Joy comes after you go the extra mile and offer yourself first-thing every day.

Ask the Lord to give you the grace to fall in love. Then you’ll see rightly, because only when we are in love do we understand. Only when we’ve given ourselves to reality can we receive reality.

That is the endless mystery of the Trinity that is expressed in every facet of this world:  Perfect giving equals perfect receiving.

From Richard Rohr, The Passion of God and the Passion Within


Lord Christ, we salute you.
We salute the love
(that) we do not understand.
We wait for a love
that we do not yet know.

Help us, Lord,
to stand under the cross
and finally to understand.

Give us, Lord,
through the experience of human life,
the hearts to understand.

We praise you.
You are
the loving Lord of history,
and our knees
will bend at your name,
for you have
created us out of nothing,
loved us
and saved us.

From Richard Rohr, Days of Renewal