St James of the Marches Friary

St James of the Marches was a 15th-century Franciscan reformer and popular preacher. He originated from the Marches of Ancona on the eastern coast of Italy, a somewhat wild frontier area where St Francis himself had gone to preach some centuries before. In choosing this patron, the friars in Melaka-Johor honour the memory of St James, who went on to bring the Gospel message beyond boundaries, leading many to greater faithfulness, understanding and peace.

All the members in the community serve the administration of the Custody in one way or another, and the community provides pastoral care for the parish Church of St Theresa, Masai, comprising parishioners from diverse nationalities and backgrounds, ministering in English, Bahasa Malaysia and Tamil. The Friars are also engaged in a variety of individual ministries of mission & evangelisation, expanding the boundaries of God’s Kingdom by bearing witness through lives as lesser brothers, reaching out to those who have not yet encountered God as Good News, and showing the world that God can be encountered in many ways and all peoples and settings.

Prayer of St Francis Almighty, most holy, most high and supreme God, all good, supreme good, totally good, You Who alone are good, may we give back to you all praise, all glory, all grace, all honour, all blessing and all Good. So be it. So be it. Amen. – Prayer before the Office of the Passion
St James of the Marches Friary
Franciscan Friars
15 Jalan Lembah
29 Bandar Seri Alam
81750 Masai Johor

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