In Singapore, the Franciscan Friars have established a Registered Charity under the name of The Order of Friars Minor (Singapore) Ltd, or OFM(S) for short.

OFM(S) is able to receive gifts in the form of cash donations, property, legacies and other gifts, for the purpose of carrying out its primary objectives, which are

  • To foster and promote the Franciscan way of life, especially its principles of universal love, almsgiving, peace, mutual respect, mercy and understanding
  • To provide education and formation in the Franciscan way of life, including the training of friars to serve in Malaysia-Singapore-Brunei and beyond
  • To provide spiritual, physical and charitable relief to the poor, sickly, needy, aged and infirm as part of the Catholic Church

Together with in-house staff, a Finance Committee and some lay professional advisors, we strive to support the ministry and outreach of the Franciscan Friars throughout the Bishops’ Conference of Malaysia-Singapore-Brunei and beyond.

How to give
Donations in the form of cash, or cheques made out to The Order of Friars Minor (S) Ltd may be sent to:

The Order of Friars Minor (S) Ltd
5 Bukit Batok East Ave 2
Singapore 659918

Note: Malaysian cheques may be made out to ‘Franciscan Friars’ and sent to the above address, or to any of our Malaysian friaries.

Alternatively, you may wish to remember us as beneficiaries in your will, or through other acts of gift giving.

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